April 13, 2017

Spring has definitely been in the air over the last week at Platform HQ. We know that our response time has been somewhat longer than usual of late for various reasons and hope that our new collection will go someway to make up for it!

We're delighted to feature three new writers to Platform in our new collection. And there's a definite theme that seems rather fitting ....something along the lines of new beginnings.... of sorts. We hope you enjoy! We did! 

April 11, 2017

We're coming up... for air! We've had a hugely busy start to 2017 but we're now able to breath again we're about to launch our first collection of 2017 - a little later than we'd hoped but better late than never!

Thanks to all our contributors who've sent in such high quality shorts and poetry and to our readers who've supported us over the last two years. Platform is still going strong and we appreciate all the support we've had during this time. 

Do remember to leave comments for our readers if you come across a piece that evokes a reaction in you - whatever that reaction might be! It goes without saying that keeping comments constructive is favourite and all constructive feedback is welcomed! 

Our collection will be published on our website in the coming days.... keep 'em peeled! 

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