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 Oh Hello 

 Catherine Sabatina







Oh hello - I knew it was you

I was aware before I turned my face

I felt you in my blood, my bones and skin

My soul tingled like bells from a sacred place


I feel you gently approach - I knew at once it was you

Your spirit, energy, soul and love

My skin sensitive, my inner-being alert

I feel you everywhere, down below and above


Connected and entwined, in tune with spirit

A sixth sense of simply knowing

I feel when you are happy, sad or alone

I can tell by the power that your spirit is glowing


No need to call out, or announce your arrival

Your soul approaches me first

One step ahead to greet your love

As the sun appears with force and burst


Your warmth touches me before your skin

Your feelings kissing my mouth

You are holding me before we embrace

The powers of west, east, north and south


Spirit is the truth, the soul clean and pure

The body a capsule, a shell

The spirit is strong, the body is weak

I know it’s you, I can always tell


Catherine Sabatina


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