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If you've visited our writing page recently you'll have seen that we've just published a piece called Pigeon Blood, by Kerry Barner. We think it's an incredibly poignant tale. You can read it here. This is the second piece of Kerry's that we've published, the first being Objekt BD in 2015, a story that grabbed the attention of all the editors at Platform.

And it's Objekt BD that is the subject of this post.

If you're a short story writer you are most likely aware of the superb site run by Christopher Fielden found at Kerry approached us to say that Christopher wanted to feature her story Objekt BD on his website. Naturally, we were delighted to oblige.

In the article, Kerry describes how she came to write Objekt BD. It makes an interesting read for anyone trying to develop their writing. We're also grateful to Kerry for her kind words about Platform. You can read the article on by clicking here.

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