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Read what you like, like what you read...

You may (we hope!) have noticed that we've made some improvements to the way readers can interact with Platform authors in response to feedback from our ever growing readership. And so now it's over to you...!

If you read something you like, or if something resonates with you for a particular reason or in a particular way you can now comment at the end of each piece of fiction whether you're viewing on your mobile device, tablet or from your desktop. And all you need to leave is a name (don't worry about email address) and something constructive for the author to read.

If you're viewing from your desktop, you'll also notice that for each comment made there's a 'like' button, so if someone has already expressed your sentiments feel free to click away and like it! And if you so wish you can also post the comments and a link to Facebook or Twitter. Clever stuff!

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