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Happy New Year to all our contributors and readers!

To start off 2018 we have a new collection of flash for you - three stories about comings and goings... or goings and comings, whichever way you wish to look at it. Either way we hope you enjoy. You'll notice a slight reorganisation of the site too if you've visited before.

We're open for submissions and always on the look out for new material so if you are a writer of short fiction, previously published or not, do have a look at our submissions page and send us your short fiction and poetry. Our response time varies but we do try to get back as soon as we can - it is simply a question of volume of submissions that determines how quickly we can respond but we always try to come back to you with as little wait as possible! If you sign up as a member we are able to prioritise a response - please mention that in your email. And please, please only send us writing in the body of an email - we never look at attachments.

Best wishes for 2018!


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