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Happy New Year

Along with everyone else in the world tonight we will be raising a glass or two and saying good riddance to 2020. A big, fat goodbye to a year that started off with such promise and ended with life like none of us could have imagined.

And so on the midnight hour it’ll be with open-arms that we’ll be saying hello to 2021, hoping for a more prosperous year for us all. We’re hoping that in no time at all that the only bubbles we need concern ourselves with are the type to be found in a glass and that tiers are a thing of the past.

Best wishes and thanks to all of our contributors and site visitors over the year. We will be launching our winter release in January 2021 with three pieces of short fiction to kick start the year. Keep ‘em peeled for ’The Hope Collection’ when it arrives.

Best wishes and Happy New Year to you all,


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