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It’s our 4th anniversary!

Platform has reached its fourth year! Big thanks to our writers, readers, Twitter followers and Facebook page likers! In whichever way you have supported us we appreciate it. We value the support!

When Platform started out, it did so off the back of our penchant for the short form. In our opinion there’s nothing better than indulging the mind in a burst of quality fiction that whilst short in itself, carries with it the riches of something more substantial. Let’s face it creating a quality short story is a bit of an art. An art without the luxury of a lengthy word count. An art that quickly gets to the point whilst painting a complete picture. Perhaps a slice of life as we may or not know it. Perhaps an insight into ourselves. It’s an art to be celebrated. Perhaps even revered and respected.

We think the collection at is proof of all those things. We wanted to created something special; a place where emerging writers could share their work alongside those more established. In our showcase we feature writers new to the page as well as those already published and we consider it a privilege to have almost sixty pieces of short fiction in our collection. We consider it a privilege to be in receipt of so many submissions from people with like minds every month.

And so to the future. Maybe four more years, maybe more. Who knows? What we do know is this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep reading, keep writing, keep sending us your best work.


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