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The Spring Edit

We’re delighted to share with you three new stories that make up our Spring Edit. Three women writers at different stages of their writing careers, one never previously published, one with a few titles to her name and one who’s already published a number of novels and short story collections. That of course is Vesna Main whose latest novel ‘Good Day?’ we’ll be featuring shortly.

In our latest collection, knowing it would coincide with Easter, we wanted to feature stories that encompassed change and new beginnings. We think we’ve managed it. In ‘Sniffing the Air’ the plot weaves itself round to realising that change is the only way to perpetuate existence. A new way of looking at something. A stronger together vibe (we want to keep politics out of this but couldn’t resist!) And that brings us to ‘The Empty Nester’. Is the narrator right not to simply conform because of the wishes of others? If she did, who would she be doing it for? Does it make it right to conform for no other reason than you’re supposed to?

Finally that brings us to Vesna Main’s ‘Rendezvous’. Does it make sense to pursue an opportunity when you’ve had your fingers burnt before? You’ll have to read it to find out.

We hope you enjoy our three featured stories. Do send us your writing ( we’re open for subs all year round), do keep reading and commenting on stories you read on our website that resonate with you in some way and if you’re not already, do give us a follow on Twitter and Facebook. We appreciate your support and for keeping us going over the last four years.


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