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Good Day?

If you’re anything like us you’ll know that there’s no better feeling than being immersed in a good read. Our latest is written by one of our short fiction contributors, Vesna Main. Her novel ‘Good Day?’ ( published by Salt, April 2019) was a truly good find. It’s an engaging story - written almost entirely in dialogue, which we really liked - exploring the crises of a professional couple who discover the existence of love, loss and solitude all very much alive within their twenty five year marriage. Beautifully depicted and on point given the complexities of the society we live in today, this modern take on the contemporary nature of marriage entertains as much as it explores the myriad of emotions that run deep in all forms of human relationships. A good read indeed.

If you’ve not yet picked up a copy you can buy ‘Good Day?’ at Waterstones, Amazon and through Salt Publishing. £9.99. It is also available as an audiobook.

About the author:

VESNA MAIN was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied comparative literature before obtaining a doctorate from the Shakespeare Institute in Birmingham. She was a lecturer at universities in Nigeria and the UK and has worked for the BBC. Her articles, reviews and short stories have appeared in newspapers and literary journals. She is the author of the novel A Woman With No Clothes On (Delancey Press, 2008) and a short story collection Temptation: A User’s Guide (Salt, 2018.)

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