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We've received some messages about the Submissions page coming up as 'page not found'. We think we have fixed it but just in case the problem persists, please find the guidelines below:


We accept engaging & entertaining contemporary short stories, flash fiction & poetry from 100 to approx 3000 words. Poetry should be a maximum of 40 lines.

Submissions* should include your writing, title & word count, name and a short bio all in the body of an email sent to:

*Please note we don't open attachments.

Our editorial requirements do not include children’s or young adult fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, or writing with gratuitous sex, violence or drug taking that are not essential to the plot. Writing should be previously unpublished online or in print. Due to the amount of submissions we receive we are only able to accept a maximum of one short story and up to three poems and flash pieces from each author at a time. Therefore we woud respectfully ask for authors to please wait to hear back from us before submitting subsequent pieces.

By making a submission to us you are confirming:

  • you have read & agree to the terms & conditions

  • you are the sole author of your submission & it is previously unpublished ( online or in print)

  • you grant us non-exclusive publishing rights to display your writing & the details you provide on our website & in print at a later date if we choose. Rights to all writing remain with the author, however we ask for a three month period of exclusivity before your work appears elsewhere.

We will consider all submitted writing that meets the guidelines. From February 2019 we will only be able to respond to authors whose work has been chosen to appear on the site. This is due to a high volume of submissions the receive on a weekly basis. We aim to inform successful authors within 6 weeks but please note this notification can take a number of months, dependent on the number of submissions we receive. As much as we would like to, we are currently unable to pay our contributors & are not currently able to offer critiques or reasons for non-selection. We would appreciate an 'appeared on Platform for Prose' credit for writing that is subsequently published elsewhere after the three month exclusivity period.

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