Mount Meru

Chloe Nelms

Swiftly in the thick mountain breath we started
Over jagged peaks. The black lakes
Blinked up at us through the clouds.

The dawn teased us, beckoning us hastily upwards.
A mist cloaked the path, we walked with mountain ghosts.
Our mouths smoked, our lungs burned.

Kili elevated her head over the vaporous ocean.
Thin tendrils of light groped for our skin,
Crawling over our flesh.

Meru held us aloft
And we were washed anew in sunlight.

Chloe Nelms is an English Literature student at the University of Exeter. She writes fiction and poetry and currently writes for Pearshaped Music Magazine.

previous reviews & comments:

'Beautifully spoken and vibrant in tone.'
Tanya.Fillbrook 2018
'Captures the moment after the climb well.'
JanH 2016

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