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March 2023

comments & reviews for our authors

Read something you enjoyed? Leave a comment for our authors below. Be sure to include the title and /or the author's name of the story / flash / poem which the comment relates to. Thanks for supporting Platform!

This messageboard is monitored. We would respectfully ask that all comments are of a constructive nature in keeping with the spirit of the Platform community.

Once there is a maximum of 10 comments, each will be transferred to the relevant story as accessed through the Writing page above. Both these and comments that have been previously left by readers can be viewed at the bottom of each story’s page. 



Our first Editor's choice dips back to our very first edition of Platform, way back in 2015.  
Jay Merill




Russ Bickerstaff

Mark Greene

Lee Hamblin

Sharon Bennett

Faith Clarke

Christina Dalcher

Fiona J Mackintosh

Richard Lakin

Kerry Barner

Abi Hynes

Jay Merill

Christopher Ray

Ross Muir

Jonathan Brown

Timothy Boudreau

Daniel Rankin

Annelise Altman

Marianne Elder

Gerald Roberts

James King

Robert Grossmith

Sam Walker-Smart

Cameron Dunham

Abigail Shepherd

Michael Bloor

Giles Ward

Chloe Nelms

Lana Bella

Catherine Sabatina

Kelsie Colclough

Kristy Watson - Ables

Vesna Main

George Aitch

John White

Jayne Marshall

Donald Hiscock

Julia Molloy

Steve Smith

Peter Rusafov

Kathy Lanzarotti

Samuel Stephenson

John D Ashton

Annie Murray

David McVey

Niall Sweeney

Mike Nelson

Nick Sweeney

CV Craib

Lauryn Stevens

Rebecca Stonehill

EM Martin


Gary Duncan

Nigel Jarrett

Fabrice Poussin

Lauren Busser

Thomas Elson

Grant Watson 

Ricardo Marcelino

Hannah Glickstein

Joel James

Steve Melia

Julia Mills Kerr

G.G. Townsend

'Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade just as painting does, or music. If you are born knowing them, fine. If not, learn them. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself.'  

Truman Capote

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